Global market via three regions

Our business strategy is based on close collaboration with customers that are found all over the world. Gränges has a global presence in production and technical support.

This strategy means that we can support global and regional companies with advanced products, unrivalled competencies and a high level of service. Effective logistics, on-time deliveries, rapid product development, faster market launches, uniform quality or technical support – Gränges provides a global productivity platform, regardless of priority.

Gränges’ market is divided geographically into three regions: Europe, Asia and the Americas. Our production facilities and research and development units are located in Sweden and in China. Through our offices in the US, Brazil, India, Japan and South Korea, we can serve customers in all relevant continents.


Europe is a mature market with a number of local and global players in the supply chain. Most demand for Gränges' products comes from a handful of global producers of heat exchangers to the automotive industry. The most important submarkets in Europe are the UK, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and Poland.


Asia is the least consolidated of the three geographical end markets both in terms of heat exchangers and heat exchanger materials. China is the most important market, followed by countries such as Japan, South Korea, India and Thailand.


The US is the largest market in the Americas region. The market for heat exchangers to the automotive industry is relatively consolidated with only a few suppliers of heat exchanger materials.

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