Production in Europe and Asia

Gränges' two production facilities are located in Finspång, Sweden and in Shanghai, China. The facilities are fully comparable in terms of technical competence, production processes, environmental performance and safety.

The Finspång factory was established as far back as 1913 and production of aluminium for heat exchange began in 1972. Today the annual production capacity in the facility amounts to about 100,000 tonnes. About 420 people work in Finspång.

The Shanghai facility was established in 1996 as a jointly-owned company and Gränges took over full ownership in 2003. The development of the operations in Shanghai was largely based on sharing of knowledge and technology transfer from Finspång. Gränges has focused on increasing the capacity of the production facility in order to keep pace with the fast market growth in the region. Capacity has thus increased from 12,000 tonnes in 1996 up to about 120,000 tonnes in 2015. About 530 people work in Shanghai.

Local research and development

There are research and development departments at both facilities. New alloys and alloy combinations are initally tested through pilot rolling in laboratories and via computer simulations, before full-scale production takes place. This method facilitates planning of effective high-precision production processes.