Advanced products close to the customer

Gränges has a complete offering of rolled aluminium products for brazed heat exchangers.

Aluminium from Gränges is found in vehicles and in heating-, cooling- and ventilation systems in buildings and industry. We offer all from unclad fin materials to advanced brazed clad plate, which consists of a core alloy and one or more cladding layers.

Unique/specific material for unique/specific needs

As customers develop products for better performance, the specific material properties become increasingly important. To be able to meet the need for a certain application, Gränges offers material with up to five alloy layers. In total, there are about 1,500 product specifications that are based on 150 different alloy combinations.

This variety provides almost unlimited possibilities for customised solutions based on carefully selected alloy combinations, delivery conditions, plate gauges and geometries. We are constantly developing new material in accordance with the customer’s specific material requirements.

Colloboration regarding product development

Gränges’ advanced products are the result of the company’s own research and development efforts, and of close development cooperation with our customers. Collaboration with customers can extend for up to five years ahead until a finished product has been developed, which creates stable and long-term customer relationships. Through our customer-focused product development process, we are continually building up new knowledge at Gränges.

Our product developers and technicians help customers to optimise the interaction between Gränges’ products and the customer’s own machinery, processes and products. To support this work, Gränges has an application centre that can replicate customers’ forming and brazing processes. Gränges’ product developers and technicians are represented in Asia, Europe and North America.

Quality and competency

Although we essentially work with very advanced production engineering, quality comes from our employees’ broad competencies, experience and commitment. We call this industrial craftsmanship and it is our contribution to more efficient heat exchanger production and higher heat exchanger performance in vehicles and stationary applications.