MULTICLAD™ plate product for CAB

A plate material with excellent corrosion resistance.

MULTICLAD™ is a multilayer Rolled Products concept for tubes or plates where a selected core alloy is combined with a tailored interlayer. The interlayer minimizes the flow of liquid film to the core alloy which improves corrosion resistance. MULTICLAD™ is developed for the most demanding applications, with high requirements on strength and corrosion resistance. The MULTICLAD™ material for plates meets the demands on formability, in combination with minimal braze metal penetration. 

Grain structure before brazing.


Grain structure after brazing.

Chemical composition

Weight %

Mechanical properties

Typical strength and corrosion potential after brazing

* Dependent on braze cycle.

Corrosion resistance

Excellent corrosion performance without perforation after more than 60 days of SWAAT for 0.27 mm gauge material. The tailored interlayer minimizes the flow of liquid film to the core alloy which improves corrosion resistance of the MULTICLAD ™. The potential gradient between the surface and the centre of the core prolongs the time to perforation by the horizontally proceeding attack at the near surface regions. Further, the addition of titanium improves the corrosion resistance of the core and interliner.

40 days of SWAAT 0.27 mm MG36 showing lateral corrosion.

Environmental product declaration

Gränges aims to produce and supply our products in line with a long-term sustainability perspective, and we make every effort possible to reduce our environmental impact. The average environmental impact of every tonne of aluminium strips produced is presented by the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which covers the impact of raw materials and manufacturing process at our site. For a detailed EPD, please visit:


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