Technical leadership

Over the years, Gränges has developed four specific competencies, that have contributed to the company’s technical leadership within heat exchanger materials: development of alloys, cladding, rolling and thermo-mechanical processing and slitting.

Development of alloys involves design of material where aluminium is combined with several alloying materials to achieve specific properties. Gränges has excellent expertise in developing alloys and combinations with properties adapted to each step of customers’ production processes – from forming to assembly and brazing.

Cladding is a key capability that provides high added value and differentiates Gränges from manufacturers of rolled products for general use. The company produces single- and double- sided clad products, and symmetrical and asymmetrical products, with many different alloy combinations.

In the rolling and thermo-mechanical process, the microstructure of the alloys is changed to achieve desired properties in the final product. Gränges has extensive experience of thermo-mechanical processing, and their effect on the performance of materials in the brazing process.

Gränges has market-leading competence and experience in slitting technologies that plays an integral role in manufacturing heat exchanger materials. The slitting process requires both craftsmanship and automation expertise in order to achieve the close tolerances that are required in terms of bandwidth, edge quality and winding.