Gränges in the world

Gränges contributes to a more sustainable society through efficient use of resources, continual streamlining of production processes, environmentally-conscious product development and focused safety work.

Transport services and energy consumption in buildings are two key contributors to climate change.Greater climate awareness has led to increased demand for improved fuel economy in vehicles and climate-smart and energy-optimised buildings.

Regulatory requirements for more economical vehicle fuel consumption are becoming tougher. In cars, lower weight results in lower fuel consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Regulatory requirements are also expected to drive demand for stationary heat exchangers, for example in air conditioning systems.

The need for reduced energy consumption, cost savings, and operational reliability on the part of manufacturers, and vehicle and HVAC&R systems users also drives demand for efficient products from logistical and production perspectives, as well as for more energy-efficient engines and heat exchangers.

Gränges’ products enable smaller, lighter and more designable heat exchangers, thereby increasing economic efficiency and reducing environmental impact. The products increase the efficiency of customers’ production processes, and the performance of the end product, the brazed heat exchanger. In this way, Gränges helps its customers to make their products more sustainable, and helps them improve their competitiveness.

Gränges also works together with customers on new technologies and products to optimise the customers’ processes, and to enable the production of more efficient heat exchangers.