Strategy and governance

Sustainability is an essential and integrated element of Gränges’ core competences and operations. Through continuous streamlining of production processes, environmentally conscious product development, and safety focus, Gränges contributes to a sustainable society.

Gränges’ core values of action, commitment, innovation and accessibility constitute the foundation of the company’s culture, and are also qualities of our work with sustainability. The company takes economic, environmental, and social responsibility and strives to improve the conditions in all parts of its value chain. Through participation in industry initiatives, Gränges works to ensure that aluminium is mined, produced and used sustainably.

Gränges’ products increase the efficiency of customers’ production processes, as well as the performance of the end-products. In this way Gränges contributes to more sustainable products for customers and improve their customers’ competitiveness.

During 2016 Gränges continued to develop the company’s work on sustainability and objectives based on a comprehensive stakeholder dialogue and materiality analysis. In the coming year, Gränges intends to further develop strategies and measures to strengthen its sustainability work.

Stakeholder dialogue and materiality analysis

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Goals and performance

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Sustainability management

Sustainability activities are led by group management, and the SVP Communications & IR is responsible for Gränges’ sustainability work at a group level. The General Counsel is responsible for governance, the SVP Process Engineering & Operational Development for environment, health and safety, and the SVP Human Resources for social responsibility.

Gränges observes all applicable local and international laws and regulations and continuously works with the precautionary principle by including sustainability aspects in risk assessments. Sustainability activities are governed by Gränges’ policies and management systems. Gränges is dedicated to the development and implementation of these policies to guide employees in their everyday work with sustainability and communication with stakeholders. Gränges’ policies include its Code of Conduct, supplier declaration, anti-corruption policy, environmental policy, health and safety, energy policy, crisis plan and information policy.

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A new member of the Global Compact

In October 2016 Gränges joined the UN Global Compact. By doing so, Gränges
undertakes to fulfil the principles of the Global Compact relating to human rights,
labour law, the environment and anti-corruption. The membership high-lights Gränges’ commitment to sustainability issues.

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