A customer-focused business model

Gränges’ business concept is to support our customers with research and innovation, product development, and technical support throughout the product’s life-cycle. The performance of the customers’ final product in terms of efficiency and environmental impact depends largely on material properties and design, which are Gränges’ core competences.

Strong customer relationships

Gränges’ customers are dependent on reliable and high-quality products. Gränges is committed to serving its customers and the company’s number one priority is to deliver products and services that meet or exceed customers’ quality requirements. Business relationships are typically long-term and 85 per cent of Gränges’ customers have been with the company for more than ten years.

Technology leadership and product knowledge

Gränges has world-leading knowledge about metallurgy and understanding of the production process, particularly in the development of alloys, hot rolling of clad materials, thermo-mechanical processing, and slitting. Product developers and engineers work closely with the customer to optimize the interaction between the materials and the customer’s machinery and processes.

Specialized and lean manufacturing

Gränges’ production sites in Shanghai and Finspång are optimized to produce heat exchanger materials for brazed heat exchangers. In the US, the production sites are optimized to produce materials for stationary heat exchangers, food packaging, transformers, and other niche markets. To meet increasing demand, more production capacity will be added in the US in 2019.

Strong expertise and experience

Gränges’ many years of specialization in developing and manufacturing rolled products for brazed heat exchangers have built experience and expertise in material characteristics and manufacturing processes at all levels of the organization. Global collaboration to share best practice, valuable knowledge and experience takes place continuously.

Proven revenue model

Gränges generates its revenue by selling advanced materials manufactured for specific customers and applications in long-term contracts. Pricing is based on the added value that Gränges provides in terms of material properties and product complexity. The cost of aluminium, which is the primary input material, is passed on to customers.

Gränges' position in the value chain