Gränges at a glance

Gränges is a leading global supplier of rolled aluminium products for heat exchanger applications and other niche markets. We develop, produce and market advanced materials that enhance efficiency in the customer manufacturing process and the performance of the final products. Our geographical markets are Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Gränges today

>> 1,800 employees
>> Listed on Nasdaq Stockholm
>> Net sales SEK 13 billion
>> Production capacity of 460,000 ktonnes
>> Adjusted operating profit of SEK 1 billion

We are set to drive growth through innovation and acquisitions, increase efficiency through continuous improvements, and add value through our sustainability initiatives.
- Johan Menckel, CEO


High production capacity on three continents

We have a total production capacity of about 460,000 tonnes, split across five production sites on three continents. The facilities are highly optimized according to lean-principles with demand-driven production, and meet customer requirements in terms of quality, flexibility, and delivery.

End customer markets  

Gränges’ customers are in the automotive industry, the HVAC industry, and niche markets such as transformers and food packaging. In the industry for rolled products for brazed heat exchangers, Gränges has a clear market leading position, estimated at around 20 per cent globally. The automotive industry accounts for about half of our sales, the HVAC industry accounts for around 24 per cent, and other end-customer markets (transformers and food packaging) account for the remaining 26 per cent.

The automotive industry

Every second car produced in the world contains heat exchangers with Gränges’ material and expertise. The increase of electric vehicles (EVs) will drive demand for Gränges’ products.

The HVAC industry

Aluminium is increasingly used as a stationary heat exchanger material, and Gränges holds a strong position in this industry in Americas.

Other end-customer markets

In Americas, Gränges is a major supplier of winding material for transformers, and aluminium foil suitable for food packaging.

Leading positions

We have a leading global position in rolled aluminium materials, with product development, manufacturing, sales, and technical support on three continents. This enables us to assist global and regional customers with leading products and unmatched capabilities. 

Europe: Leading position in rolled products for brazed aluminium heat exchangers.
Asia: Leading position in rolled products for brazed aluminium heat exchangers. China accounts for more than 50 per cent of our sales in Asia. 
Americas: Leading position in rolled aluminium products for stationary heat exchangers. Second largest supplier in rolled products for aluminium heat exchangers for the automo­tive industry. Strong positions in niche markets such as transformers and food packaging.

A sustainable business

In all things we do, we have a responsibility to drive the development in a direction that favours all our stakeholders, hence our strong focus on sustainability as an integrated part of our business. We strive to minimize the environmental impacts of our products and operations, uphold ethical busi­ness practices and provide a safe and good work environment. We participate in the UN Global Compact and are committed to continuously integrating the ten principles into our strategy and our operations. 

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Vision and values

Our vision is to transform the world through innovative aluminium engineering.

Business model

Gränges supports its customers with research and innovation, product development, and technical support throughout the product’s life-cycle.


Gränges focus on rolled aluminium products for heat exchangers and selected niche applications. Gränges’ advanced aluminium products are...