Gränges in short

Gränges is an aluminium technology company who drives the development of lighter, smarter and more sustainable aluminium products and solutions. The company offers advanced materials that enhance efficiency in the customers’ manufacturing process and the performance of the final products. Gränges’ innovative engineering has transformed the industry for more than 125 years, and the company holds leading positions in rolled products for thermal management systems, speciality packaging and selected niche applications. Gränges has production facilities and conducts sales on three continents, Asia, Europe and Americas.

>> 2,600 employees
>> Listed on Nasdaq Stockholm
>> Net sales SEK 13 billion
>> Production capacity of 560,000 ktonnes
>> Adjusted operating profit of SEK 866 million

Aluminum - the "green" metal

  • Light but strong
  • Energy saving and infinitely recyclable
  • Corrosion resistant and durable
  • Versatile and can be used in different applications
  • Impermeable to light and odours

Aluminium’s unique properties support the transition towards a circular and sustainable economy. Gränges works to leverage these unique properties to design and manufacture sustainable products which can improve customers’ and end-users’ sustainability performance from both an operational and product perspective. The company’s products are for example used to produce lightweight vehicles, energy fficient buildings and resource efficient packaging which are all vital applications for the future.

End-customer markets  

Gränges’ end-customers are found in the automotive, HVAC, and speciality packaging industries as well as in other niche markets such as transformers and wind turbines.

In the industry for rolled products for brazed heat exchangers, Gränges has a clear market leading position, estimated at around 20 per cent globally. The automotive industry accounts for about 42 per cent of our sales, the HVAC industry accounts for around 24 per cent, speciality packaging for about 18 per cent and other end-customer markets account for the remaining 16 per cent.

Leading positions

We have a leading global position in rolled aluminium materials, with product development, manufacturing, sales, and technical support on three continents. This enables us to assist global and regional customers with leading products and unmatched capabilities. 

Asia: Leading position in rolled products for brazed aluminium heat exchangers. 
Europe: Leading position in rolled products for brazed aluminium heat exchangers.
Americas: Leading position in rolled aluminium products for stationary heat exchangers. Second largest supplier in rolled products for aluminium heat exchangers for the automo­tive industry. Strong positions in niche markets such as transformers and food packaging.

High production capacity on three continents

We have a total production capacity for rolled aluminium products of about 560,000 tonnes, split across six production sites on three continents. The facilities are highly optimized according to lean-principles with demand-driven production, and meet customer requirements in terms of quality, flexibility, and delivery.

Sustainable business value

Sustainability is a natural part of Gränges’ core business and strategy. It helps to increase the company’s long-term competitiveness and aims to create lasting value for Gränges and its stakeholders. With the global push for sustainable development and the transformation into a more circular and resource-efficient economy, Gränges’ customers are increasingly recognizing the importance of using sustainable materials. Sustainable business value is achieved by integrating sustainability into the company’s core business and strategy. We have a group-wide sustainability framework which covers those 13 material topics that have the highest sustainability impact and which stakeholders assess to be most important for Gränges to address. The topics are grouped into five sustainability pillars, each pillar has an accompanying long-term commitment and targets for 2025. Learn more >

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Purpose and values

Our purpose is to develop lighter, smarter and more sustainable aluminium products and solutions.

Business model

Gränges supports its customers with research and innovation, product development, and technical support throughout the product’s life-cycle.


Gränges focus on rolled aluminium products for heat exchangers and selected niche applications. Gränges’ advanced aluminium products are...