We have a leading position in rolled aluminium materials with product development, manufacturing, sales and technical support on three continents.

Market characteristics

Gränges is a leading global supplier of advanced aluminium products and solutions for heat exchanger applications and other niche markets. The market for advanced rolled aluminium materials is characterized by advanced technology, complex production processes, as well as customer-driven development with longterm customer relationships.

Advanced technology and production processes
The market for advanced aluminium materials is relatively difficult to enter. This is not primarily due to the capital-intensive nature of the industry, but rather because of the high level of competence and experience required to develop new, advanced materials. These skills are also critical to operate flexible and efficient production processes, and to be able to guarantee a high degree of delivery reliability in terms of volume, time and quality. All this requires well-tuned manufacturing capabilities and processes refined over a long time, as well as effective customer service and a global logistics capacity.

Customer-driven development 
Manufacturers are facing constant increased and new demands from customers for materials with lower weight, greater strength, higher corrosion resistance and lower environmental impact. The development of new products, materials and processes is conducted in close cooperation with customers, built and based on long-term relationships. A core challenge is to meet the requirements of new applications and demands of end-customers, as well as trends that impact the business. We strive to be at the forefront of developing adaptable and customized aluminium materials.


The competition varies in size and strategic focus and differs between regions and end-user markets. Competitors are primarily major global aluminium companies such as Arconic, Novelis and UACJ. In Asia, there are several local players that are direct competitors to Gränges in the Asian market. In Europe, there is growing competition from manufacturers in Eastern and Southern Europe.

End-customer markets

Gränges’ customers are in the automotive industry, the HVAC industry, and niche markets such as transformers and speciality packaging. The automotive industry accounts for about 45 per cent of our sales, the HVAC industry accounts for around 20 per cent, speciality packaging for about 14 per centand other end-customer markets account for the remaining 21 per cent. Our position is strong in all the regions in which we operate.


Gränges’ end-customers are in the automotive industry, the HVAC industry and niche markets such as transformers, speciality packaging and heat exchanger solutions for industrial applications, agricultural machinery and wind power turbines.

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