Production facilities

With manufacturing capacity on three continents, Gränges has created a platform that meets complex customer demands and enables continued global expansion. The strong demand for Gränges’ products has resulted in investments to add further production capacity.

Gränges has a total annual production capacity of about 460 ktonnes, split across five production sites on three continents. The facilities are located in Shanghai in China, in Finspång in Sweden, as well as in Huntingdon (Tennessee), Salisbury (North Carolina) and Newport (Arkansas) in the United States. Furthermore, the production sites in Finspång, Shanghai and Huntingdon are equipped with important competence centres for research and innovation in close cooperation with customers. 

Our production facility in Finspång has a capacity of 100 ktonnes and a project underway to increase the production capacity by 20 ktonnes. The investment will also improve operational efficiency and logistics and reduce transport and emissions. The expansion project started in 2018 and is expected to be completed in 2021. The plant has produced aluminium products since 1922, and aluminium products for brazed heat exchangers since 1972. 

Our production plant in Shanghai was established in 1996. Since then we have focused on expanding capacity to keep pace with market growth, and capacity at the site now stands at 120 ktonnes. During 2019, our Shanghai facility successfully achieved certification against ASI’s Performance Standard. The certification demonstrates that Gränges’ aluminium products are produced responsibly and sustainably. Learn more >

In the US, we have three production sites with a combined production capacity of 240 ktonnes. The production capacity increased by 40 ktonnes during 2019 through the expansion of the Huntingdon plant to meet the growing demand for HVAC, foil products, automotive and selected niche markets. In addition, production at the plant in Newport restarted in the fourth quarter of 2019 to meet growing demand in the light gauge foil market in the US. The improved and expanded plant will contribute with 20 ktonnes annually, which is expected during year 2020.

Gränges also has a wholly owned subsidiary, Gränges Powder Metallurgy GmbH, producing aluminium billets using advanced spray-forming technology. The company has two production facilities, one in St Avold in France and one in Velbert in Germany, with an annual production capacity of about 3,500 tonnes.

All Gränges’ facilities are ISO-certified for quality standards. In Sweden and China the facilities also are ISO-certified for the environmental standard.

Gränges’ production facilities

Location Est. Annual capacity (ktonnes) End markets Production set-up
Finspång, Sweden 1922 100 Automotive DC casting, hot rolling, cold rolling, finishing
Shanghai, China 1996 120 Automotive, HVAC DC casting, hot rolling, cold rolling, finishing
Huntingdon, United States 1967 and 2000 200 HVAC, automotive, food packaging, transformers, other Continuous casting, cold rolling, finishing
Salisbury, United States 1965 40 HVAC, auto heat shield, other Continuous casting, cold rolling, finishing
Newport, United States 1951 20 (gradually available from Q4 2019) HVAC, food containers, converter foil Surface treatment, finishing