Production process and capabilities

In the manufacturing of rolled aluminium for brazed heat exchangers within Gränges there are several different process steps involved – from melting and casting to the final slitting and packaging. Each process step has its complexity as for instance the cladding process where one or several clad alloys are bonded to the core via the hot rolling process.

Overview of the production process in China, Poland and Sweden



Overview of the production process in the US



Technical Process Capabilities

The general process capabilities of Gränges are presented in this table:

Width 10–1800 mm
Thickness 0.040–3.18 (4*) mm
Clad thickness 3–20 %
Coil size, OD Up to 1800 mm
Inner diameter, ID       150*, 200*, 254, 305, 406, 508 mm
Coil weight Up to 7500 kg

Exceptions to the above standard capabilities could be made available upon request.
*)Only in Shanghai