Advanced products in close cooperation with customers

Gränges is focused on rolled products for heat exchangers and selected niche applications.

Gränges offers a comprehensive range of clad and unclad rolled aluminium products used for applications with a high degree of functionality and performance- 3,000 product specifications, including 200 active alloy combinations.

Depending on the specific needs of a given application, Gränges offers multi-layer products with up to five layers. This variety provides virtually unlimited possibilities for customised solutions based on carefully selected alloy combinations, delivery conditions, cladding thickness and geometries. Leading-edge technology and true industrial craftsmanship ensure materials with consistent quality. 

Research & innovation

Gränges conducts world-class strategic research and innovation in close collaboration with our customers, based on extensive knowledge of metallurgy and understanding of the manufacturing process. Development of new, innovative products and material technologies are drivers of Gränges’ future growth.

Gränges Research & Innovation (R&I) is the company’s world-leading competence unit with advanced knowledge about metallurgy and understanding of the production process. The strategic research is managed globally, while the customer-driven development is carried out locally in close cooperation with the production facilities. Gränges R&I has over 60 highly educated employees worldwide working with product development, including metallurgists, chemists, metallographers, physicists, mechanical engineers and technicians – all specialists in rolled aluminium products for heat exchangers and other advanced applications.

Gränges’ research and innovation efforts have resulted in 58 patent families and 198 granted patents, with an additional 106 patent applications pending.

End-customer products

The automotive industry
The automotive industry includes all types of vehicles, from light to heavy duty, as well as hybrid and electric vehicles. Demand for heat exchanger material is strongly linked to global vehicle production and the number of heat exchangers per vehicle.

The HVAC industry
HVAC include systems for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, for instance in private homes, and commercial and industrial buildings. Underlying market drivers for heat exchangers in HVAC, regardless of type, are housing starts, consumer confidence, and environmental legislation.

Heat exchangers for other areas
Examples of other areas that Gränges is serving are the development of solutions for industrial applications, agricultural machinery, and wind power turbines.

Other end-customer markets
Gränges is also a major supplier of aluminium foil for food containers and winding material for transformers (an electrical device used to increase or decrease the alternating voltages in electric power applications).


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Gränges focus on rolled aluminium products for heat exchangers and selected niche applications...


Gränges has a world-leading research and development centre that works close to the company’s customers, with advanced knowledge about metallurgy...


Gränges’ end-customers are in the automotive industry, the HVAC industry, and niche markets...