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Many of Gränges’ customers are global, which requires Gränges to have a corresponding presence and scope.

Gränges has manufacturing, sales and technical support on three continents. Furthermore, the production sites in Finspång and Shanghai are equipped with important competence centres for research and innovation in close cooperation with customers. A third research and ­innovation centre is under establishment in Huntingdon.


Since establishing the plant in Shanghai in 1996, Gränges has gained a leading position in the Asian market. In 2018, Asia accounted for 23 per cent (23) of Group sales in terms of volume, with China as its main market. Other key ­markets include India, Thailand and South Korea. The automotive industry accounts for over 90 per cent of Gränges’ sales in Asia.

Most of the ­production volume at Gränges’ plant in Shanghai is sold in Asia, of which around half goes to China. Global customers accounted for 47 per cent (44) of total sales volume in Asia in 2018.


Gränges has a strong position in the European market and, through its advanced technical product content, it has strengthened its leading position in the automotive heat exchanger industry over the last ten years. The automotive industry accounts for over 90 per cent of Gränges’ sales in Europe.

In total, the European market represented around 17 per cent (18) of Group sales volume in 2018, with the UK, Italy, the Czech Republic and Poland as the largest markets. Europe is a consolidated market with global customers accounting for around 80 per cent (81) of the sales volume in 2018. Most of the volume supplied to the European market is produced at the plant in Finspång.


Gränges has been present in the American market since 1994 and is the second largest supplier of rolled aluminium brazed heat exchangers to the automotive industry. Since 2016, Gränges has been a leader in the HVAC industry and is a major supplier of winding material for transformers and aluminium foil for food containers.

Americas accounted for around 60 per cent (59) of the Group’s sales volume in 2018, of which 22 per cent were sales to the automotive business and 78 per cent sales to the HVAC industry and other end-customer markets. Gränges’ main markets in the Americas are the US, Mexico and Brazil. Gränges’ global customers accounted for around 15 per cent (15) of total sales volume in the Americas in 2018.

Gränges’ production sites in the south-eastern US supply most of the customers in the region. However, material for brazed aluminium heat exchangers is supplied from Gränges’ production facilities in Finspång, Sweden, and Shanghai, China. Due to US anti-dumping and countervailing duties on imports of rolled aluminium products from China, material for brazed aluminium heat exchangers to customers in the US is now exclusively supplied from the plant in Finspång.