Efficient, advanced manufacturing in all regions

Gränges is able to meet exacting customer demands on all three major continents. With its own manufacturing capacity in North America, Gränges has created a platform that, in the long term, enables expansion in the region.

Gränges has production sites on three continents with a combined capacity of 420,000 tonnes. The production facility in Finspång, Sweden, was established in 1922 and aluminium products for brazed heat exchangers have been produced since 1972; the site has a production capacity of 100,000 tonnes. The company’s production plant in Asia is in Shanghai, China, and was established in 1996. Gränges has focused on expanding capacity at the Shanghai site to keep pace with the rapidly growing market in the region, and capacity at the site now stands at 120,000 tonnes. In the US Gränges has three production sites – in Southeastern United States – with a combined production capacity of 200,000 tonnes.

All Gränges’ facilities are ISO-certified for quality standards, while in Sweden and China the facilities also are ISO-certified for the environmental standard.

Local research and development

A long-standing and close co-operation between our production plants in Finspång and Shanghai has driven growth and improvement work – at both sites. Initiatives include internal audits on health, safety and environment at respective operations, to learn from each other. The acquired production plants in the US help strengthen our knowledge exchange even further. The process for sharing technology and skills was established immediately following the conclusion of the acquisition in august 2016. 



Gränges’ production facilities

Location Est. Annual capacity (ktonnes) End markets Production set-up
Finspång, Sweden 1922 100 Automotive DC casting, hot rolling, cold rolling, finishing
Shanghai, China 1996 120 Automotive, HVAC DC casting, hot rolling, cold rolling, finishing
Huntingdon, United States 1967 and 2000 160 HVAC, food containers, transformers, other Continuous casting, cold rolling, finishing
Salisbury, United States 1965 40 HVAC, other Continuous casting, cold rolling, finishing
Newport, United States 1951 n/a HVAC, food containers Surface treatment, finishing