Advanced products in close cooperation with customers

Gränges is focused on rolled products for heat exchangers and selected niche applications.

Gränges’ clear focus on serving the global heat exchanger industry with leading products and solutions has made the company a trusted and long-term partner. 

Over the years, Gränges has developed a large number of products with improved end-characteristics, increased stability and enhanced sustainability. Many of these products are based on new concepts such as SSR fin and TRILLIUM®. Gränges’ focus on technology, manufacturing processes, and material properties contribute to creating smaller, lighter and better designed heat exchangers that are more energy efficient and reduce environmental impact. Through the acquisition of Noranda downstream, Gränges also offers rolled aluminium products to manufacturers of automotive heat shields, transformer windings and semi-rigid containers.

Added value for the customer

Gränges offers a comprehensive range of clad and unclad rolled aluminium products used for brazed heat exchangers for applications with a high degree of functionality and performance. Depending on the specific needs of a given application, Gränges offers multi-layer products with up to five layers. This variety provides virtually unlimited possibilities for customised solutions based on carefully selected alloy combinations, delivery conditions, cladding thickness and geometries.

HVAC (stationary heat exchangers)

Gränges focuses on driving technological change in the HVAC industry, from mechanically bonded copper tubes to brazed aluminium heat exchangers, just as was the case in the automotive industry where Gränges’ solutions have played a key role in the conversion from conventional to contemporary systems. Focus is concentrated on products that contribute to improved energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Gränges is also able to deliver prototypes that customers are able to test at their own applications. This enables the development of even stronger, lighter, and more corrosion resistant condensers with greater efficiency and reduced overall environmental impact. With the acquisition in the US, Gränges obtained a broader offering of products and solutions that also meet other needs within the HVAC industry.

Heat exchangers for other areas

Examples of other areas that Gränges is serving are the development of solutions for industrial applications, agricultural machinery, and wind power turbines.

Main product groups

Gränges offers a full range of rolled aluminium products for heat exchanger manufacturers, and up to 3,000 product specifications, including 200 active alloy combinations. Leading-edge technology and true industrial craftsmanship ensure material with consistent quality. The products can be divided into four main groups: