Workplace and employment

At Gränges, you will come into contact with a large variety of people from all over the world and great diversity in terms of knowledge and experience.

As the research and development operations are located at the production facilities, in our lunchroom you can run into newly-employed professionals straight from university, third generation operators or a PhD in Engineering from another part of the world.

This also represents our strength; different perspectives and fields of knowledge under the same roof wih a common goal – a successful Gränges.

The culture is relaxed but at the same time very professional. Close collaboration in the best interest of Gränges is a central part of our recipe for success. We collobarate intensively across geographical borders and among our various fields of competence.

This creates exciting opportunities to explore new roles and environments. Both you yourself and the company are responsible for your career development and both parties should collectively review the next step in your career on a regular basis.