Gränges publishes an updated MTN prospectus and a combined Green and Sustainability-Linked Finance Framework

20 Sep 2021 | GROUP RELEASE

To support Gränges’ sustainability ambitions and targets, the company has published a combined Green and Sustainability-Linked Finance Framework to allow for the issuance of Green Bonds and Sustainability-Linked Bonds. Gränges has engaged Sustainalytics to provide an independent second opinion of the design and ambition level of the framework.

“Gränges has a strong commitment to sustainability and it’s an integrated part of our business and strategy. We are proud to be at the forefront of our industry and the Green and Sustainability-Linked Finance Framework gives investors the opportunity to support the transition towards a green aluminium industry”, says Oskar Hellström, Interim CEO and CFO at Gränges AB.

To prepare for the possibility to issue an MTN (Medium Term Note) according to Green Bond and Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles, Gränges has updated the MTN prospectus, originally published in 2018. The MTN programme has a frame amount of SEK 3 billion and allows for issuance in Swedish Krona. The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (SFSA/Finansinspektionen) has today approved and registered the prospectus. Gränges intends to issue an MTN with support from the green financing framework in the near future.

The two documents, i.e. the combined Green and Sustainability-Linked Finance Framework and the second opinion from Sustainalytics, are available on Gränges’ website,

The MTN prospectus is available on Gränges’ website, and on SFSA’s website,

About Sustainability-Linked Bonds and Green Bonds
Sustainability-Linked Bonds are linked to the company’s sustainability strategy and targets, whereas Green Bonds foremost are linked to specific sustainability related projects.