Gränges announces the sustainable product brand - Gränges Endure

21 Jun 2022 | GROUP RELEASE

Today Gränges launches a product brand for sustainable and circular solutions, Gränges Endure. The brand makes it easier for customers to select sustainable aluminium products and solutions of the highest quality at the lowest sustainability impact. Gränges Endure products are based on low-carbon and recycled input materials.

- We are very proud to announce Gränges Endure, our new sustainable product brand. The brand will help our customers decarbonize their products and meet the demands of climate conscious end-users. By choosing Gränges Endure, our customers help us make the aluminium industry and society in large more sustainable, says Sofia Hedevåg, SVP Sustainability.

Gränges Endure products have a third-party verified carbon footprint of maximum 4.0 tonnes CO2e/tonne, measured from extraction of bauxite to the delivery of Gränges’ products to customers (cradle-to-gate). The products are also verified by a third party to be responsibly sourced and produced.

Gränges has been a leader in innovative aluminium solutions for decades. Today, the company has a demonstrated industry-leading sustainability performance. EcoVadis, the largest independent provider of business sustainability ratings, has for example awarded Gränges a Platinum rating which ranks the company in the top 1% of companies assessed globally in the industry. Gränges’ strategic priority is to offer customers industry-leading sustainable products and solutions that have a low climate impact, are circular and resource efficient as well as responsibly sourced and produced. Gränges Endure makes it easier for customers to select sustainable products of the highest quality and with the lowest sustainability impact.