Advanced products in close cooperation with customers

Gränges is focused on rolled products for heat exchangers and selected niche applications. Gränges offers a comprehensive range of clad and unclad rolled aluminium products applications with a high degree of functionality and performance.

Depending on the specific needs of a given application, Gränges offers multi-layer products with up to five layers. This variety provides virtually unlimited possibilities for customised solutions based on carefully selected alloy combinations, delivery conditions, cladding thickness and geometries. Leading-edge technology and true industrial craftsmanship ensure materials with consistent quality.

Over the years, Gränges has developed a large number of products with improved end-characteristics, increased stability and enhanced sustainability. Many of these products are based on new concepts such as SSR fin and TRILLIUM®. Gränges’ focus on technology, manufacturing processes, and material properties contribute to creating smaller, lighter and more designable materials that increase economic efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Innovative products and new technologies

Innovative products for heat exchanger materials

  • TRILLIUM® – a disruptive technology
  • Multi-layer products – more layers for improved brazeability and corrosion resistance to support further downgauging
  • Strong sagging resistant fins –advanced processing giving improved properties
  • Strong temperature resistant tubes – improved strength during use of the heat exchanger
  • Corrosion resistant tube and fin for EGR – to convert steel HEX to aluminium

New technologies for the future

  • Capabilities for spray forming
  • Possibilities for development of high performing alloys for HEX and other applications
  • Aluminium with high content of other metals
  • Aluminium with added non-metallic materials – metal matrix composites
  • Functional claddings with exciting properties 

R&I portfolio

Our projects have a global set-up, thanks to the input of our application engineers and our company strategy. Different projects are carried out at wherever site will be most efficient for them, with the three R&I centres complementing each other’s work. Some examples of current research projects that Gränges also offers commercially to its customers are listed below.


Gränges’ research and innovation efforts have resulted in 58 patent families and 198 granted patents, with an additional 106 patent applications pending.


Gränges’ patented technology TRILLIUM® simplifies the complex brazing process by making the degreasing, fluxing, cleaning, and drying stages redundant. Instead, Gränges makes it all happen within the material in a process called Active brazing. TRILLIUM®  help Gränges’ customers reduce costs, create new designs, and reach a higher level of profitability – while reducing their environmental impact. Learn more >

Strong-sagging-resistant fins

Strong sagging resistant fins is a patented material that gives improved properties based on advanced processes, resulting in better strength after brazing. 

Material for exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR)

Requirements for lower engine emissions are continuously increasing. Engine exhaust can be extremely corrosive due to its high acid content (sulphur). Gränges is focusing on material validation in this area.


Main heat exchanger product groups

Gränges offers a full range of rolled aluminium products for heat exchanger manufacturers, the products can be divided into four main groups: