Gränges has a world-leading research and development centre that works close to the company’s customers, with advanced knowledge about metallurgy and understanding of the production process.

This work is coordinated globally, but with local support in close cooperation with the production facilities. Gränges Research & Innovation consist of over 60 highly educated employees worldwide, including metallurgists, chemists, metallographers, physicists, mechanical engineers and technicians – all specialists in rolled aluminium products for heat exchanger applications.

Several of the employees hold doctoral degrees and regular collaboration takes place with universities and schools of technology. Fundamental R&D work in key areas is often carried out in-house. In selected areas we work together with universities and research institutes, either through open or bilateral projects. New alloys and alloy combinations are initially tested through pilot rolling in laboratories and via computer simulations at Gränges Research & Innovation, before full-scale production takes place. This process facilitates planning of effective high-precision production processes.

Gränges has, a part from Gränges Research & Innovation, product developers and technicians who help customers to optimise the interaction between Gränges’ products and their own machinery, processes and applications. To support this work, Gränges has an applications centre that can replicate customers’ forming and brazing processes. Gränges’ product developers and technicians are represented in Asia, Europe and North America.

Key competence areas

Beacuase of the high complexity of the complete process, the expertise and know-how of Gränges Technology play an important role for customers as well as for Gränges' internal product development, quality and production.

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