Application centre

The application centre is ideal for testing small units of customer-designed heat exchangers.

To explore the application of brazed heat exchangers in air-conditioning and other industries, Gränges is building competence within heat exchanger prototype design, optimization and performance testing. The design and optimization services are open for our customers.


State-of-the-art facilities, competencies and equipment.


Allows us to assess the challenges and potential of brazed aluminium heat exchangers in a range of applications under various conditions.

We offer services such as laboratory aluminium brazing, brazeability tests, sagging tests, filler flow tests, and prototype brazing.

Customer value

The collected knowledge and experience from these processes allows us to customise truly optimized aluminium product solutions. It also lets us replicate customer processes and heat exchanger operational environments, so supporting:

  • specific customer development projects
  • trouble shooting of customer issues
  • to customise truly optimized aluminium product solutions.