A global organization

Gränges R&I – your competent, reliable and global partner dedicated to brazed aluminium heat exchangers.


Gränges R&I is our competence unit for the complete metallurgy of brazed aluminium. This includes everything from melting in slab production, to the final usage of brazed heat exchangers in the field - worldwide. We work cross-functionally within Gränges, as well as with external customers and, in selected key areas, with leading universities and research institutes around the world.


Gränges R&I is present both in Finspång, Sweden and Shanghai, China. Our R&I work for rolled aluminium started in 1924 at Finspong Metal Works, two years after our aluminium production started. We have had several different names since then. Production of braze clad aluminium strip started in 1972 and we made our first R&I report into corrosion of the brazed product in 1974. Our production in Shanghai started in 1999 and we started an inspection laboratory at the site at the same time, transferring knowledge and knowhow. By 2006 this had developed so well that we established an R&I unit in Shanghai too. Today, about 60 researchers and technicians work at the two units. A third R&I centre is under establishment in Huntingdon in the US.

Supporting customers locally and globally

We need to be close to our production units, as well as having close contact with our customers globally. Therefore we are present in both Finspång, Sweden and Shanghai, China, where Gränges has production units. We work very closely with our application engineers and in close contact with our customers´ technical units. This gives us knowledge of present demands and future challenges. Our contribution to meeting present and future challenges is world-class, competent and dedicated researchers using the most appropriate testing facilities for the job. Some of the testing is outsourced, but the key competences are kept in-house and we have many contacts with research institutes and universities. We are a very international group of people, together we are fluent in fifteen languages and possess a broad background in education and work experience.

R&I portfolio

Our projects have a global set-up, thanks to the input of our application engineers and our company strategy. Different projects are carried out at wherever site will be most efficient for them, with the two R&I centres complementing each other’s work.