Technical support

Gränges Research & Innovation centres offer advanced technical support to customers and to other parts of Gränges. Due to the vast experience and expertise of our researchers, combined with our sophisticated laboratory facilities, we can carry out everything from validation processes to highly advanced trouble-shooting.

Troubleshooting includes analysis of failures of field-exposed heat exchangers as well as of failures in our customer’s production processes. We always seek the true technical root cause throughout the whole value chain. Our aim is to suggest a solution that solves the problem in the most cost-efficient way and prevents repeated failure.

We offer services such as aluminium braze simulations, brazeability tests, sagging tests, filler flow tests, and prototype brazing. The collected knowledge from these processes allows us to customise truly optimised aluminium product solutions. We are also able to simulate the key conditions of customer processes as well as heat exchanger operational environments for trouble-shooting purposes in order to support specific customer development projects.