FA7905 plate product for CAB

A high-strength, heat-treatable intermediate Mg alloy.

FA7905 is highly suitable for headers and tanks, where high formability and post-braze strength is crucial for product performance. The defined composition of silicon and magnesium makes FA7905 easy to braze in the CAB process, while still showing good ageing behaviour after brazing. With the addition of titanium the product also shows a very good corrosion resistance.

Grain structure after brazing.

Chemical composition

Weight %

Mechanical properties

Delivery condition temper and properites

Typical strength and corrosion after brazing 

Corrosion resistance

Corrosion potential after brazing –710 mV (SCE), similar to AA3003 which is –720 mV (SCE).

Plates of 2 mm FA7905 alloy tested in SWAAT (ASTM G85) for 40 days: there are no perforations and the general corrosion attack is only about 100 μm.

The corrosion attack in a modified SWAAT testi (with rinsing every 10 days) clearly shows the typical lamellar corrosion related to the titanium content of the material.

Typical strength after brazing and ageing at room temperature


Yield strength (first image) and ultimate tensile strength (second image) after brazing in CAB with rapid cooling (>1 °C/s between 400 °C and 200 °C) and natural ageing. Lower cooling rates would deteriorate the strength, as the Mg and Si then forms larger particles.


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