SSR clad fin products for CAB

High-strength, clad fin products with excellent sag resistance.

This new clad-fin product has been designed to enhance stability during brazing, allowing a wider process window. The technology provides for lower recrystallisation temperatures, still resulting in coarse grains, very high-strength and excellent sagging resistance. In addition, the thermomechanical processing of this new fin material provides product manufacturing performance improvements such as fin forming. The unique Gränges process route for SSR allows for improvements in product manufacturing performance, particularly in fin forming. With the Gränges next-generation SSR fin, a more reliable material for your current and next generation heat exchanger applications is introduced. 

Large post braze grains.

Chemical composition

Weight %


This product is designed to recrystalise at a lower temperature to a coarser grain size during the braze cycle. The coarser grain size significantly improves the sagging behavior, and it also contributes to decreasing the amount of cladding that penetrates the core of the fin. As a result, the SSR fin maintains its shape throughout the braze process, with excellent fillet formation.

Mechanical properties

Delivery condition temper and properties

Typical properties after brazing

* Measured on 70 μm material, 35 mm beam.
** Calculated from electric resistivity data measured at room temperature. 

Corrosion ressistance

In a heat exchanger, the tube is protected from corrosion by designing the system using a fin with a corrosion potential lower than that of the tube. IIf the difference in corrosion potential is too large, there is a risk for increased corrosion rates for the fin. The new SSR™ fin has an improved self-corrosion rate as compared to a standard fin alloy, at all tested Zn levels.

The weight loss for the new SSR™ fin in SWAAT test is lower than the standard 68XX materials at all tested Zn levels of the fin.

The corrosion potential (ASTM G69) was measured on brazed unclad fin material.


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