Sustainable plate products

High strength, heat-treatable intermediate Mg materials for header and plate applications.

With a combination of good formability and high post-braze strength, FA7911 and FA7915 are highly suitable for the use in headers and plates. The defined composition of silicon and magnesium makes FA7911 and FA7915 easy to braze in the CAB process, while showing good ageing behaviour after brazing. The addition of titanium to the products also enables very good corrosion resistance. In typical header and plate dimensions it easily exceeds 60 days of SWAAT life without perforations. 

Grain structure after brazing.

Chemical composition

Weight %

Mechanical properties

Delivery condition temper and properties

Typical strength and corrosion potentail after brazing

Typical strength after brazing and ageing of FA7911 

FA7911 is an age hardening alloy and the strength will increase with artificial ageing. Post-braze tensile strength after natural and artificial ageing. 

(Fatigue data, FA7911 + 1 x 7% AA4045 + 1 x 7.5% AA7072 of 1.7 mm thickness at three different temperatures.

Corrosion resistance

FA7911 and FA7915 exhibit excellent corrosion performance with lateral corrosion behavior in SWAAT (ASTM G85). The corrosion attack is proceeding horizontally and prolonging the time to perforation. The addition of titanium improves the corrosion behavior of the bulk material by hindering pitting corrosion.

Plate of FA7911 in 1.5 mm after 40 days SWAAT-testing.

Plate of FA7915 in 1.5 mm after 40 days SWAAT-testing. 


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