Sustainable tube products for CAB

High strength Mg-free sustainable tube alloys.

The FA7929 and FA7888 alloys are designed as a high strength alloys suitable for welded or folded tubes. In combination with suitable fin-, header- and side plate alloys these materials provides substantial down-gauging opportunities based on their high post braze strength. The product performance can be further adjusted by adding a sacrificial alloy on the waterside to improve the corrosion resistance. Both alloys have compositions that allows a high amount of recycled raw material to be used.

Grain structure after brazing.

Chemical composition

Weight %

Mechanical properties

Typical strength and corrosion potential after brazing

Corrosion resistance

Together with suitable fin material, FA7929 tube material presents good external corrosion performance. The addition of titanium improves the corrosion resistance of the bulk material by hindering pitting corrosion.


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