Brazing and processing

Processing VS. properties and microstructure

The processing of brazing sheet material, includes every stage of production that involves changing the material properties. The process sequence starts with a melt of specified composition, followed by casting, homogenisation, clad application, pre-heating, hot rolling, cold rolling, intermediate or final heat treatments and slitting. In each process stage the microstructure is affected with respect to one or several parameters. This includes the type, size and distribution of various particles, the size, shape and orientation of the grain and the composition of the solid solution. This processing, through the microstructural evolution that takes place at each stage of production, essentially determines all the material properties the end product has in its delivery state.

Brazing VS. properties and microstructure

The brazing is not a mere joining of various components together, to form a leak-tight heat exchanger, but a vast and fundamental transformation of every part of the microstructure. Not just the original sheet’s microstructural properties. How the brazing is conducted fundamentally affects the properties of the material after brazing and joint formation, hence developing the final properties of the brazed heat exchanger.

Industry-leading knowledge

We provide knowledge on how sheet processing, the microstructure, and the properties of the brazed material are interconnected. We have at our disposal one of the most versatile and capable small prototype/laboratory scale brazing furnaces ever constructed. We also provide knowledge on how the brazing process affects the material properties, feeding the information back into improved production processes and improved products. We develop new alloy chemistry, new brazing sheet design and new brazing concepts. This knowledge and experience makes us an ideal partner in troubleshooting and failure analysis, both in sheet production and of used heat exchangers.

Complete laboratory facilities

The following lab facilities are available: casting, furnaces for heat treatments, small rolling mill, brazing furnaces (CAB, vacuum and small glass furnaces), full metallographic labs for preparation and light optical microscopy, FESEM with EDS and EBSD. TEM and more advanced methods for more advanced material characterisations are carried out in collaborative projects with external partners.