Create value through sustainability

Sustainability is an essential element of Gränges’ strategy and operations. The company strives to minimize the environmental impacts of its operations, uphold ethical business practices and provide a safe and good work environment.

Gränges’ core values action oriented, committed, innovative, and accessible, define the way Gränges works, and are also qualities of the company’s sustainability agenda. The company takes economical, environmental, and social responsibility, and strives to improve conditions in its value chain.

In 2017, Gränges continued to build a stable platform for future value creation. At the end of the year, the company further developed its group-wide and global sustainability framework, which will be implemented in 2018.

Networking and co-operation

Through participation in industry initiatives, Gränges works to ensure that aluminium is mined, produced and used sustainably. In this way, Gränges contributes to improvements in the industry and promotes robust networks on the markets where the company is active. Gränges is a member of several industry bodies such as the Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative. Additionally, Gränges is a member of Svenskt Aluminium, European Aluminium Association and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise in Europe. In Asia Gränges is a member of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, the Nonferrous Metals Society of Shanghai, and the Shanghai Aluminium Trade Association. In the US Gränges is a member of the Aluminium Association.

Gränges also follows developments at the global Aluminium Stewardship Initiative. 

UN Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals

Gränges has participated in the UN Global Compact since October 2016. In doing so, Gränges undertakes to fulfil the principles of the Global Compact relating to human rights, labour law, the environment and anti-corruption. The principles also form the foundation of the company’s Code of Conduct.

Furthermore, Gränges is committed to helping fulfil the 2030 Agenda and UN Sustainable Development Goals. In 2017, Gränges has identified seven sustainability development goals that align with the company’s sustainability agenda. The company’s aim is that its sustainability efforts should create value for all stakeholders and also make a positive contribution to these goals.


Download Gränges’ GRI-Index for 2017 with references to UN Global Compact

Sustainability Report 2017

Gränges’ sustainability report is integrated in the annual report.

Download Gränges’ annual report for 2017

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