Gränges strives to be customers’ first choice as partner and supplier. Customer satisfaction with Gränges products and services is at the core of the company’s long-term profitability and existence.

Gränges develops new technologies and products designed to solve customers’ specific needs. The company’s customers demand high performance and cost efficiency, and Gränges continually works to develop products that reduce process costs and the use of materials at customer applications. 

Focus on customer needs

Gränges focuses on customer needs, leading technologies, industrial craftsmanship, and sustainable solutions. The company’s sales organization continually works to meet customer expectations and deliver products of high and consistent quality. The strong customer focus leads to long-term relationships. 85 per cent of Gränges’ automotive heat exchanger customers have engaged the company for more than 10 years.

At the 2017 technical seminar in Pune, India, Gränges’ representatives showed how the company’s advanced material solutions can help customers meet market demands. Invited guest speakers from Indian original equipment manufacturers spoke on electrification, fuel efficiency, and other industry relevant topics.


As an international company, Gränges introduced a global customer function in 2016 and the company’s sales force is now organized in a matrix to ensure that Gränges provides high-quality service to local and global customers. The global business function was implemented to serve the often complex demands of global customers who have operations in multiple markets. By working on global product specifications and optimizing deliveries of global customers’ products, Gränges streamlines both the value chain and its R&I activities. The streamlining enhances efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Developing customer relationships

To develop customer relationships, Gränges regularly conducts customer surveys. The most recent study was conducted in 2016 and showed that customers appreciate Gränges for its competent staff, delivery quality, and documentation. Product quality, research capability, and technical support were also some of the key reasons customers choose Gränges over its competitors. Results from the study are reviewed internally and lead to the development of Gränges’ internal processes and specific customer relationships.