Diversity and equality

Promoting diversity and inclusion

Diversity is a competitive advantage and an inclusive work environment which leverages employees’ different perspectives, experiences and ideas, will lead to a more innovative, competitive and productive organization. A multifaceted workforce also reflects the international market in which Gränges operates. In line with Gränges’ Diversity Policy, no employee should experience discrimination based on gender, age, world view, background, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical ability, or similar.

Gränges strives to have at least one woman in the final interview round of each recruitment process. In cases where there are few or no women applicants, the recruitment process is expanded to make a broader search.

Women in total workforce

Regional diversity plans

Gränges manages diversity and equality matters on a regional level. In 2019, the company established regional action plans to increase the share of women in the total workforce and among senior management. Examples of activities for 2019 include establishment of a female safety representatives team in the European operations, quarterly diversity status management calls in Americas and initiation of a female network to encourage experience sharing and mutual support in Asia.

Women in senior management

IGE day in Finspång

In March 2019, Gränges’ operations in Europe participated in Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day*, an event which aims to raise young girls’ interest in technology and engineering. Four girls from Linköping, aged 13–19, visited the Finspång production facility where they had a factory tour and saw the different production steps. They also learned about heat exchangers and conducted an experiment on conductivity in materials. At the R&I organization, the girls tried various microscopes and increased their knowledge of metals.

* The initiative is driven by the organization Womengineer and aims to make sure that in 2030 there will be as many female as male engineers in Sweden.

Targets and target fulfilment

See detailed information about Gränges’ long-term sustainability targets and target fulfilment.

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