Energy use

Energy use significantly affects both costs and emissions. Reductions therefore offer opportunities to improve profitability, competitiveness, and environmental performance.

Gränges primarily uses energy in the form of natural gas, electricity, and liquefied petroleum gas. The energy is mainly used in furnaces where aluminium is re-melted either via direct combustion or induction. To improve energy efficiency, Gränges continually carries out energy audits, implements related improvements, and selects the best available technology in new investments. Energy aspects are an integrated part of Gränges’ group-wide Environmental, Health and Safety Policy, and the production facility in Finspång has a certified energy management system according to ISO 50001.

Energy regulations

Gränges’ operations in Shanghai adheres to the Shanghai Energy Conservation Regulations, which stipulates Gränges to work with energy efficiency and new energy solutions. The company’s operations in Finspång is under the energy efficiency directive, but as a certified energy management system is in place, no additional activities are needed to fulfil the directive’s legal requirements. In the US, no energy related regulations currently affect Gränges’ operations.

Energy efficiency measures

During the year, Gränges has focused on including the US operations in overall routines and processes. Work on energy audits has been initiated and the production facility in Huntingdon has been reviewed to identify efficiencies. In the US, Gränges will initially focus on reducing natural gas consumption and in 2018 the company will rebuild the melter in Huntingdon to improve efficiency.

Implemented energy efficiency measures are primarily linked to increased metal yield and recovery of waste heat from various processes. Gränges has also conducted process optimization to reduce leakages from pneumatic devices, optimize ventilation, improve the efficiency of heat exchangers, avoid unnecessary idling, reduce internal transport, upgrade motors and pumps, and insulate furnaces to improve their efficiency.

Gränges also plans to replace fossil fuel trucks with automatic electric trucks, which will improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

Increased awareness

Staff are regularly trained to save energy and become more aware of energy efficiency throughout the organization. An e-learning course is also available at the production facility in Finspång.


Total energy use
GWh 2017 2016
Electricity 403 395
Natural gas 773 748
Other1) 59 58
Gränges total 1 236 1 201

1) Includes diesel, petrol, LPG and district heating.


Energy intensity
MWh/tonne product 2017 2016
Gränges total 3.3 3.4


Goals and performance

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