Emissions and climate impact – sourced metal inputs

Reducing climate impact

In line with the company’s climate strategy, Gränges works to reduce its climate impact by sourcing more recycled aluminium, low-carbon primary aluminium produced using renewable energy, as well as energy from low-carbon sources. The company strives to more actively choose input material and supplier based on climate performance and carbon emissions reduction activities and targets. Gränges also plans to more actively have a dialogue with commodity traders to promote responsible sourcing and increased supply chain traceability.

In 2020, the carbon emissions intensity from sourced metal inputs was reduced by 8 per cent versus 2019 and 20 per cent versus baseline 2017, driven by expanded sourcing of both recycled aluminium and low-carbon primary aluminium.

Note: All numbers exclude Gränges Konin and Gränges Powder Metallurgy.

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