Emissions and climate impact

Tracking supply chain carbon footprint

More than 90 per cent of Gränges’ total greenhouse gas emissions are emitted outside Gränges’ own operations – in the company’s supply chain when producing primary aluminium. Gränges has initiated efforts to better understand the carbon performance and use of renewable energy in its supply chain. The company aims to develop a plan for integrating carbon performance into its sourcing process and to more actively choose supplier and raw material source based on such criteria.

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Increased recycled aluminium utilization reduces carbon emissions

At the Gränges global 2018 Company Awards event, Gränges Americas was rewarded for its efforts to greatly increase the use of sourced external recycled materials in casting at the Huntingdon and Salisbury production facilities in the US. At the time of the event, sourced recycled materials replaced more than 20 per cent per month of otherwise required primary aluminium purchases, corresponding to an estimated reduction of carbon emissions by around 340 ktonnes CO2e per year. The result is a good contribution to Gränges’ work to reduce its environmental footprint and it was achieved by a multi-functional team with representatives from procurement and operations.