Sustainable operations

Gränges is committed to strengthening its operational efficiency, providing a workplace that is open and inclusive and that protects health and foster wellbeing for all, and conducting business with high integrity.

Resource efficiency

Gränges is committed to strengthening its operational efficiency. The company works actively to increase energy efficiency by considering the best available technology for refurbishments and new investments. Gränges manages water related aspects on local circumstances since the production sites are located in areas with various water stress and risks. Gränges aims to implement local water management plans in all its locations which include local targets and activities to address water-related impacts. In regard to waste, Gränges has an ambition to recycle and reuse waste in production where possible and reduce hazardous substances generation.

Workplace safety

Workplace safety is one of the highest strategic priorities for Gränges. In all its activities, the company attempts to continuously improve the working environment as well as the health and safety awareness and behaviour among employees. The company works actively to improve health and safety awareness and skills and provides regular health checks and training for all workers and managers. All sites operate an occupational health and management system (OHS) and Gränges plans to certify all production facilities in accordance with ISO 45001. The OHS system covers all individuals who are directly or indirectly related to Gränges’ operations.

Sustainable workforce

Gränges is committed to ensuring that employees are motivated and engaged by being an open and inclusive employer with zero tolerance of discrimination. The company strives to offer good working conditions and interesting career opportunities to attract, develop and retain competent and talented people with the goal to become the employer of choice. To keep employees engaged and motivate, Gränges runs a structured performance management process including training and competence development and conduct annual performance and development discussions.

Responsible business practices

Gränges is committed to conducting its business with high integrity in an ethical and responsible way, and to being a trusted and reliable partner in all its relations and in the local communities where it operates. Gränges has zero tolerance for unethical or unlawful behaviour such as bribery, corruption, or unfair competition. Gränges’ ethical principles are outlined in the company’s Code of Conduct and principles and efforts to prevent bribery and other types of corruption are summarized in the global Anti-Corruption Policy.