Gränges works systematically to implement certified sustainability-related management system standards in its operations.

Gränges aims to have all production sites certified in accordance with ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 50001 (energy management), and ISO 45001 (safety management) standards as well as the sustainability standards provided by the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative. The company also has quality management systems in place, in line with the ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 standards.

The below table summarizes Gränges’ current certification status:

Certification standard

Certified production facilities and offices

ASI Performance Standard

Finspång, Shanghai, Huntingdon, Salisbury, Newport, and Franklin (US corporate office)

ASI Chain of Custody Standard

Finspång, Shanghai, Huntingdon, Salisbury, Newport, and Franklin (US corporate office)

AWS Standard


IATF 16949

Finspång, Huntingdon, Konin, Shanghai

ISO 9001

Finspång, Huntingdon, Konin, Newport, Salisbury, Shanghai, St Avold

ISO 14001

Finspång, Konin, Huntingdon, Newport, Salisbury, Shanghai, St Avold

ISO 50001

Finspång, Salisbury, Shanghai, St Avold, Newport 

ISO 45001


Certificates for Gränges Europe

Finspång, ISO 14001
Finspång, ISO 50001
Finspång, ISO 9001
Finspång, IATF 16949
Finspång, ASI Performance Standard
Finspång, ASI Chain of Custody Standard
Konin, ISO 14001
Konin, ISO 9001
Konin, IATF 16949
Konin, CE certificate
St Avold, ISO 14001
St Avold, ISO 50001
St Avold, ISO 9001

Certificates for Gränges Asia

Shanghai, ISO 14001
Shanghai, ISO 50001
Shanghai, ISO 9001
Shanghai, ISO 45001
Shanghai, IATF 16949
Shanghai, ASI Performance Standard
Shanghai, ASI Chain of Custody Standard

Certificates for Gränges Americas

Americas, ASI Certification, Performance standard
Americas, ASI Certification, Chain of custody standard
Huntingdon, ISO 14001
Huntingdon, HRM ISO-9001 Cert:2021
Huntingdon, HRM IATF 1Cert:2021
Salisbury, ISO 14001
Salisbury, ISO 50001
Salisbury, ISO 9001
Newport, ISO 14001
Newport, ISO 9001
Newport, ISO 50001
Newport, AWS Standard