Climate and decarbonization

Gränges strives to be a positive contributor to the circular economy and works actively to reduce the climate impact along the value chain and across the life cycles of its products. This means a full life cycle focus from the extraction of bauxite until the products’ end-of-life.

Ambitious climate targets

The company has an ambitious climate agenda and aims to become climate neutral by 2040. As part of this, the company has committed to set near-term and net-zero science-based targets through the Science Based Target initiative. The company aims to have its targets validated by SBTi in 2023 and Gränges’ local business units are preparing regional targets and decarbonization pathways.
Gränges is currently working towards reaching its 2025 climate targets. The company aims to reduce the climate impact from own operations and purchased energy (scope 1+2) by at least 25 per cent, and from sourced metal inputs (scope 3) by at least 30 per cent versus baseline 2017.

Partnerships to improve climate performance

Gränges largest environmental impact originate up and downstream in Gränges’ value chain. Partnerships and collaboration with business partners are important for the company to reduce its climate impact.

Climate impact along the value chain