Carbon footprint assessments

To support customers to evaluate the climate impact along their value chain and increase their sustainability performance based on a fact based approach, Gränges’ operations in Huntingdon, Salisbury, Finspång and Shanghai offer third-party verified product sustainability information.

Gränges can offer customers third-party verified carbon footprint certificates and a detailed Carbon footprint report which describes the methodology and key assumptions used. The model covers the carbon footprint impact from bauxite mining to inbound transports and Gränges’ own activities up until delivery from the site and can be applied on the full product portfolio in Gränges’ operations in Huntingdon, Finspång and Shanghai.

To ensure transparency and credibility, Gränges has engaged the external party IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute to verify the methodology, process and routines used in the assessment. The carbon footprint assessments have been conducted in accordance with ISO 14040, ISO 14044 and ISO 14067.


Carbon footprint report, Huntingdon
Carbon footprint report, Newport
Carbon footprint report, Salisbury

IVL Verification report, Huntingdon
IVL Verification report, Newport
IVL Verification report, Salisbury 


Carbon footprint report, Finspång
IVL Verification report, Finspång


Carbon footprint report, Shanghai
IVL Verification report, Shanghai