Develop sustainable product offerings

Gränges’ ambition is to create tangible business and sustainability benefits for its customers. Through aluminium’s light-weighting properties and its recyclability, Gränges’ aluminium products enable customers and end-users to achieve significant savings in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our commitment

We will enhance the sustainability performance of our products through development of innovative and eco-responsible offerings and provide customers with verified sustainability performance data. By doing so, we aim to improve their environmental footprint and contribute positively to a more circular industry approach to aluminium.

Performance and focus 2018

  • Incorporated clear sustainability criteria into the product development process to strengthen focus on developing eco-responsible product offerings.
  • Initiated a project aimed at establishing a foundation for how Gränges can assess and communicate the sustainability performance for its product from a life-cycle perspective.

Eco-responsible innovation

Gränges aims to develop eco-responsible product offerings that contribute to sustainable development and a circular industry approach. The company creates value for customers and end-users by making its aluminium products lighter, stronger and more corrosion resistant, while also improving brazeability and introducing new functions into the material.

Gränges believes that customers’ requirements on sustainable product performance will increase, and the company has therefore integrated sustainability aspects into its product development process. During 2018, each product development project was assessed whether it leads to projected carbon emissions savings in the use phase. In total, 44 per cent of such projects were assessed to lead to carbon emissions savings in the use phase.

When developing new products, Gränges collaborates with customers to understand their business and sustainability drivers. Examples of activities include discussions with customers about battery cooling, fluxing-free processes and continuous downgauging.

Sustainable life-cycle performance

Product life-cycle sustainability performance means taking product stewardship and responsibility to reduce environmental impacts and create value along the value chain. This topic is a result of the eco-responsible innovation efforts described above, as well as the work conducted to reduce the environmental impacts from Gränges’ supply chain and own operations. Going forward, Gränges will start to perform product life-cycle assessments to be used as a basis for this.

Targets and target fulfilment

See detailed information about Gränges’ long-term sustainability targets and target fulfilment.

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Light-weight products with improved corrosion resistance

Tube materials in heat exchanger applications require very high corrosion resistance to avoid leakage of the cooling agent. Some decades ago, very thick gauges were used to provide enough corrosion resistance. Gränges has now developed a multi-layer concept that can allow improved corrosion resistance at lower gauges. This can reduce the weight of the tubes by up to 30 per cent, which in turn leads to improvements in heat exchanger performance in terms of both energy efficiency and maintenance.