An attractive employer

Gränges strives to offer good working conditions and interesting career and personal development opportunities to attract and retain talented employees. This is vital if Gränges is to maintain its long-term competitiveness and position as a global leader.

The Gränges Group had a total of 1,568 employees (1,136) on average during 2017. Gränges has a professional recruitment process to ensure the company hires skilled employees. Employee and manager training takes place continually to guarantee high quality craftsmanship, strong morale, and good leadership. It is important that employees are proud to work for Gränges.

Strong corporate culture

Gränges' strong corporate culture and values are important in attracting and retaining employees. The corporate culture is a key factor in Gränges' ability to be a workplace where employees are healthy and happy and can develop and perform well. This in turn results in less sick leave and fewer accidents, increased work efficiency, higher product quality, and better profitability. 
Gränges' HR vision's intention is to ensure that Gränges is the industry's most attractive employers with proud, talented, and high-performing employees in a diverse and safe environment.

Core values

The core values action oriented, committed, accessible, and innovative, mean, among other things, that decisions are made as far down as possible in the organization. These values also mean that all employees are expected to be committed and to drive change according to set goals and activities, take initiatives, and be persistent and thorough. The core value innovative implies that all parts of the organization are to be infused with creativity and fresh ideas to find new and better solutions to both short-term and long-term challenges.


Development and international career opportunities

Every year employee development discussions and compensation reviews take place. Training programmes are mainly provided locally and based on local needs. Professional development and training programmes are individualized as much as possible. This is based on formal responsibility, individual skills, and the company's needs, and also to a large extent on the individual development plans. Gränges' worldwide expansion is leading to more international career opportunities.

Organization and governance

The SVP Human Resources is a member of Gränges Group's Extended Management Team. Each region has a local HR department under the management of a local HR manager. An HR Council with representation by the SVP Human Resources and the local HR managers.

Regular employee surveys

Gränges conducts regular employee surveys to assess and follow up on ongoing activities, to identify areas for improvement, and to give employees an opportunity to express their opinions.


Gränges medarbetare
  2017 20161) 20162) 2015
Average number of employees 1,568 1,136 962 964
     - of which employed in production 1,077 789 619 631
Employee turnover, % 7.4 3.4 4.5
Sick leave, % 2.0 2.2 2.0


1) Including Gränges' operations in the US from 22 August 2016. Average number of employees for 2016 has been restated due to adjustments in the acquired business in the US.
2) Excluding Gränges' operations in the US.