Diversity and equality

Gränges aims to be a workplace characterized by diversity and equality. Embracing all types of skills and expertise is important for Gränges to remain competitive in the long term.

Gränges believes that diversity is a competitive advantage and that a multifaceted workplace helps to promote growth and profitability. A diverse workplace increases creativity, flexibility, and productivity, which benefits individuals, teams, the company, and customers. A multifaceted workplace also reflects the international market in which Gränges operates. No employee should experience discrimination based on gender, age, world view, background, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical ability or anything else. Management teams should we well-composed and all employees must be treated equally. Gränges is to have an inclusive leadership and corporate culture. Gränges has an ambition to work proactively to achieve a workplace characterized by diversity and equality.

Gränges’ gender equality goal for Asia and Europe states that women, including managers, shall account for 20 per cent of the workforce. Recruitment is an important tool in ensuring greater workplace diversity and equality. The ambition is to have 30 per cent women among all new recruits in Asia and Europe. In 2017 women accounted for 18 per cent of all new recruits in the Group. In the recruitment process, all else being equal, individuals from underrepresented groups are given recruitment priority.

The diversity perspective, increased diversity, and inclusive leadership are important parameters in the company’s training programmes. All employees are to have the same good opportunities to pursue their careers. It should be easy for employees to combine work and family, and Gränges does its best to offer various flexible solutions.

Compensation review and policies

All employees are to receive fair market rates of pay. Gränges regularly conducts compensation reviews.

Gränges’ employees work according to its Diversity Policy. This is reflected in both the corporate culture and in leadership, and is reflected in the internal surveys that are regularly conducted. The Diversity Policy establishes that no employee is to experience discrimination based on their gender, age, world view, background, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical ability or anything else. The Diversity Policy and Remuneration Policy ensure that no groups are treated unfairly or neglected. In matters relating to the Group’s Board of Directors, Gränges’ nominating committee follows the guidelines in the Swedish Corporate Governance Code. The goal is for Gränges’ Board of Directors to have an even gender distribution and broad range in terms of age, geographical origin, experience, education, and professional background.

Goals and performance

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