Health and safety

Providing a safe and good work environment is a top priority for Gränges, which has strict safety routines and continually works to improve safety.

Gränges works systematically to identify and eliminate safety risks. The company continually invests in safety measures to prevent accidents at production facilities in line with its goal of an injury-free workplace.

A corporate culture characterized by high safety and safety awareness, with few accidents, also enables Gränges to maintain production quality, a positive atmosphere at the workplace and good profitability. High safety awareness is also essential in safeguarding Gränges as a brand. In addition, good safety is vital in avoiding negative or emotional consequences, and accident-related costs – both for the employee and the company.

Safety first

Safety first is an important aspect of leadership at Gränges, and safety in the five critical categories has top priority. These are: fall protection, molten metal, mobile equipment, confined spaces, and control of hazardous energy lockout-tagout-verify – ensuring that machinery is fully switched off and de-energized before maintenance work begins. Ongoing local training is provided at production facilities, with an emphasis on behaviour-based safety. Knowledge sharing and cooperation among facilities takes place through cross-audits and by communicating information on significant incidents to promote best practice. Knowledge is also shared with other companies.

Zero vision

Gränges continuously strives towards an injury-free workplace. To this purpose the company performs risk analysis on the hazards that exist in the workplace and deploy actions to reduce or eliminate these risks.

Policies, safety inspections and training

Gränges complies with all applicable laws and regulations. At all production facilities, health and safety is handled within the framework of a management system in accordance with the global standard OSHAS 18001. The workplace in Shanghai is OSHAS 18001 certified. Gränges’ group-wide Environmental, Health and Safety Policy is implemented throughout the Group and supplemented by local policies such as a policy for rehabilitation. Risk assessments and job safety analysis are carried out for both repetitive and non-repetitive tasks. This involves identifying hazards associated with work tasks, assessing the risk of injuries and developing action plans to manage and mitigate these risks.

Safety work is integrated into Gränges’ operational excellence programme. All incidents and accidents are registered and categorized in incident reporting systems and are followed up. Regular safety inspections are conducted in all offices and production facilities in which a physical assessment is made of the work environment. Safety inspections are followed by safety committees at the various facilities. All employees take part in comprehensive safety training at least once a year and specific safety courses are regularly provided. All production employees, for example, receive specific safety training focusing on aspects such as hand and finger injury prevention. Gränges also performs chemical risk assessments and takes steps to ensure that the company uses alternatives that are as environmentally sound as possible.

Goals and performance

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