Our Operations

Gränges is a leading global supplier of rolled products for producers of brazed aluminum heat exchangers.

The Company develops, produces and markets highly advanced materials that enhance both the production economy of the customer manufacturing process as well as the performance of the final product, the brazed heat exchanger.

There are many companies that can roll aluminium. But only a limited number of them can roll the special sheet that is used in brazed heat exchangers. And there is only one global company that is entirely specialised within this field – Gränges.

Gränges’ focus has made us world leaders in our field. This position is based on an advanced understanding of all stages in the value chain. We collaborate closely with heat exchanger producers, which are our direct customers. Together, we are driving developments to meet the challenges facing end customers in the automotive industry.

The number of cars in the world is increasing. They are also becoming more and more advanced. In a modern vehicle, there can be up to ten different heat exchanger applications. Meanwhile, sustainability requirements are becoming tougher. Designs must be lighter and more efficient to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

These demands are entirely in line with Gränges’ core competence and are the basis of the innovative products we offer. Our vision provides a clear expression of this: To help create smaller, lighter and more designable heat exchangers to increase economic efficiency and reduce environmental impact.