A focused business model

Gränges’ business model encompasses the development, production and sales of advanced materials.

Gränges’ business model is based on long-term customer relationships. Gränges works closely with customers from product design to rolled product deliveries for full scale production. Gränges’ R&I continually supports the development of new products and processes, which enables technical advances in a number of areas. Of Gränges’ customers, 85 per cent have been customers to the company for more than 10 years.

Expertise in key areas

Gränges has a strong development and production competence primarily in the following four areas: the development of alloys, hot rolling of clad materials, thermo-mechanical processing and slitting. These competences combine to produce products with a high degree of added value. Manufacturing is commenced after an order is received and according to customer requirements. Gränges has a dynamic portfolio of up to 3,000 products, which are adapted to specific customer needs.

Established revenue model

Gränges generates revenue through the sale of materials manufactured for specific products and customers. Prices are quoted per tonne, and are based on the added value Gränges offers in terms of material properties and product complexity, as well as the price of our key raw material, aluminium. Raw material costs are passed on to customers, thereby Gränges is not affected by fluctuations in raw material prices.

Specially adapted manufacturing plants

Gränges’ manufacturing plants are optimised for the production of heat exchanger materials, and materials for food packaging, transformers and other niche markets.

An organisation rich in experience

Gränges’ many years of specialisation in the development and manufacture of rolled products for brazed heat exchangers have built extensive knowledge about material characteristics and manufacturing processes at all levels of the organization. To this will be added the knowledge and experiences that the acquired business’ operations will bring within rolled materials for stationary heat exchanges and other niche markets. New knowledge and experiences are spread between different parts of the organization systematically, with the aim of retaining the skills-related advantages that have seen Gränges become world leading in rolled aluminium products.