US acquisition strengthens position

Gränges is acquiring Noranda downstream division in the US. The acquisition delivers on Gränges goal to be a global supplier with a more balanced footprint and strengthening the position the strategic HVAC&R market.

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Gränges US acquisition

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Interim Report January-September 2016

About Gränges

Granges is a leading global supplier of rolled products for brazed aluminum heat exchangers.


Here you can find published information about our share, ownership, as well as reports and presentations.

Sales volume

336 ktonnes

Net sales

10,145 msek



Production capacity

400 ktonnes


Our products are a result of R&D with advanced knowledge about metallurgy and the production process.


Gränges strengthens the aluminium position in a sustainable society.


For us it is important to recruit talented employees, we depend on people with specialist skills.