Sustainability is an essential and integrated element of Gränges’ core competences and operations. Through continuous streamlining of production processes, environmentally conscious product development, and safety focus, Gränges contributes to a sustainable society.


Gränges’ core values of action, commitment and accessibility constitute the foundation of the company’s culture, and are also qualities of our work...

Value chain

Gränges’ value chain ranges from mines where bauxite is extracted to end-users of rolled aluminium products. Gränges works to improve conditions at all stages...


Gränges shall offer an attractive and safe working environment, where all employees regardless of gender, age, ethnicity and background have the opportunity...



Aluminium is often called the green metal, thanks to properties that support sustainable product development and enable recycling and remelting.

Energy use

Efficient transformation processes are crucial for Gränges to achieve sustainable long-term profitability. Use of energy is a significant cost and reductions...


Greenhouse gases are generated by the combustion of fossil fuels, which has a long-term impact on the climate. Gränges’ goal is to reduce its carbon footprint.

A sustainable supply chain

An effective and sustainable supply chain is a key element to how Gränges manages its metal purchases. Gränges has well-established purchasing routines and guidelines.

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