A sustainable link in the value chain

Sustainability is an integral part of Gränges’ core competence and business. Gränges’ products enable smaller, lighter and more designable heat exchangers, thereby increasing economic efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

The products increase the efficiency of customers’ production processes, and the performance of the end product, the brazed heat exchanger. In this way, Gränges helps its customers to make their products more sustainable.

Gränges takes economic, environmental and social responsibility in its own business. Furthermore, Gränges takes part in initiatives to ensure that aluminium is mined, produced, and used in a sustainable manner.

Aluminium is often called the green metal, thanks to properties that support sustainable product development and enable recycling and re-melting.

By taking advantage of the unique properties of aluminium and assisting the customers in the climate shift process, Gränges thereby act as a sustainable link in the value chain.

Gränges follows established standards and processes and works to achieve continuous improvements. This include increased energy efficiency, maximum metal yield and greater use of recycled aluminium in the production.

Gränges contributes to a more sustainable society through efficient use of resources, continual streamlining of production processes, environmentally-conscious product development and focused safety work.