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Printed parts

Not only we produce high quality AM powders, but we also offer 3D printed components made from our special DISPAL® alloys. Their unique properties include:  

  • the lowest CTE on the AM market
  • low density
  • high stiffness
  • wear and tear resistance

Our printed DISPAL® materials are a perfect match for high precision and high-performance applications, from automotive and aerospace to linear technology and optics.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss a potential application. We can support taking your ideas to life, from the beginning to finished product.


Aluminium powders are at the core of our business and we have been proudly making them for over 30 years in our state-of-the-art production facility in St. Avold (France). Over the years we have refined our process to produce AM powders of he finest quality, with excellent flow and packing density in different grades and compositions.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch If you are interested in purchasing our standard AlSi10Mg powder for additive manufacturing or whether you would like to discuss a custom composition.



With our experience in aluminium powder metallurgy and in-depth knowledge of additive technolgies we can support you through the process of selection, development, prototyping and production of your next generation aluminium components.

Printed DISPAL® Characteristics  
AM S220 Low thermal expansion (comparable with steel) Download data sheet ›
AM S260 Wear resistant, heat conductive Coming soon
AlSi10   Coming soon
AlSi10Mg   Coming soon


About Gränges Powder Metallurgy

Gränges Powder Metallurgy is a global supplier of sprayformed aluminium products and aluminium powders for additive manufacturing. Our products can be found in automotive, aerospace and industrial robotics industries and more.

We have powder production capabilities in Germany and France and are a wholly owned subsidiary of the global aluminium technology company Gränges. 


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