Gränges (“We”) are fully committed to ensure privacy and transparency towards the persons from whom we collect and process personal data. We mainly process personal data about employees, but also for newsletter subscribers, customer and supplier contact persons and visitors to our sites. We align our processing of personal data with applicable data privacy regulations, and we keep ourselves updated in case of changes in the same. In our daily business we consider the protection and integrity of the individual and his or her information. With respect for the right of privacy we include it in our code of conduct, policies and guidelines. Your trust in sharing your personal data with us is of great importance to us.

We will only collect, and process personal data needed for the specified and predefined purpose. We will give notice about the processing of personal data and about your rights before collecting your personal data. We also have routines in place to ensure that your rights as a data subject according to applicable regulations are fulfilled.

General Privacy notice - Europe

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