Reasons to invest in Gränges

Since the listing of the share in 2014, Gränges has more than doubled its sales volume and profit, and generated growth above industry average.

  • Global presence in attractive niche markets. Solid, long-term customer relations.
  • Committed to sustainability as business driver. Industry-leading ESG1) performance.
  • Competitive advantage based on innovation, best-in-class technologies, and operational excellence.
  • Well positioned to benefit from the regionalization of supply chains, the electrification of the
  • transportation industry, and the global need for more sustainable solutions.
  • Long track record of stable earnings growth and healthy cash generation together with a responsible balance sheet management.
As a long-term owner of Gränges, we support the company’s journey towards an even stronger market position through technically advanced products, continuous product innovation, and a strong understanding of customer needs. Gränges’ genuine sustainability commitment and strong sustainability performance further strengthen the company’s competitiveness and make Gränges a role model.
- Jannis Kitsakis, Senior Portfolio Manager at The Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund (AP4), representing the largest shareholder in Gränges.

Total retrun since IPO vs Index

Sales volume and adjusted operating profit

  2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Dividend, SEK per share 2.00 2.40 3.00 3.20 0.00 1.10  2.25
Dividend yield, % 2.86 2.79 3.56 3.89 0.00    
Dividend rate, % 39 36 35 35 0 32  40

1) ESG = Environmental, Social, Governance.