Reasons to invest in Gränges

Since the listing of the share in 2014, Gränges has more than doubled its sales volume and profit, and generated growth above industry average.

  • Leader in attractive niche markets, with a global offering and strong, long-term customer relations.
  • Committed to sustainability as an integrated part of the business model.
  • Clear industrial focus, with a competitive advantage based on research and innovation (R&I), best-in-class technologies, and operational excellence.
  • Good R&I capacity, with about 70 highly educated specialists in the R&I organization working worldwide with product development. Gränges’ advanced aluminium products are the result of a longterm commitment to R&I and close collaboration with customers.
  • Strong earnings and cash generation, based on commercial and operational strength, together with firm balance sheet management.
Gränges is well prepared to take advantage of short-term economic recovery as well as long-term structural drivers, especially the growth in electrified vehicles. We also see how the investments in increased production capacity together with the acquisition of Aluminium Konin will contribute to profitable growth. Gränges’ strong market position is a result of the ability to understand the customers’ needs and continuous product innovation. The genuine sustainability work is also a role model that further strengthens Gränges’ competitiveness.
- Patric Naeslund, Senior Portfolio Manager at Swedbank Robur


  2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020*
Dividend, SEK per share 2.00 2.40 3.00 3.20 0.00 1.10 
Dividend yield, % 2.86 2.79 3.56 3.89 0.00  
Dividend rate, % 39 36 35 35 0 32 

* Proposed by the Board of Directors for the Annual Generl Meeting on May 6, 2021.